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Submit Your Proposal for the 12th Annual Staten Island Nonprofit Conference

Published: by Michelle Bascome

All proposal submissions are due June 26, 2024.

Presentation Information & Guidelines

  • Inclusivity , Equity, and Access: All conference content must supportive of best practices in diversity and inclusion, and should be informed by an equity lens. Presenters who require accommodations, such as specific room configurations or access to a language translator, are asked to indicate their need(s) on the proposal form.
  • Session Duration: Each session is allocated 1 hour, including welcome, core content, and Q&A time.
  • Tangible Take-Aways: All conference sessions are expected to conclude with concrete next steps, handouts, resources, or follow-up opportunities.
  • Digital Conference Binder: Presenters must provide at least one work product (e.g., slide deck, worksheet, or other resources) for the Digital Conference Binder, circulated to attendees post-event.
  • High-Interest Content: We are especially interested in timely content that will be highly relevant to local nonprofit professionals. Click here to review the core pillars that frame our conference programming. This year, we are especially soliciting at least one AI session  and at least three High-Level Workshops suitable for executive-level staff at large nonprofit organizations.
  • Supportive of Diverse Audiences: Conference content should be applicable to a wide range of nonprofit professionals and organizations of various scales and scopes.
  • Non-Compensated Role: Conference presenters will not receive monetary compensation for participation.
  • No Product Promotion: Presenters may not sell or advertise products/services during their session. Presentations must be educational and free from conflicts of interest.
  • Conference Access: All presenters will receive two tickets to the conference, including meals and access to activities (excludes vendor tables or sponsorship incentives).

Selection Process

All proposals are due June 26, 2024.

All proposals submitted by the deadline will be evaluated by the NPSI Conference Committee. A select number of presenters may also be placed on a “standby” list and invited at a later date based on final availability.

Space is limited; approximately 10 presentations will be selected for inclusion in this year’s conference program.

Why Submit a Proposal?

  • Make an Impact: Seize the opportunity to influence the entire nonprofit landscape. Your insights can inspire change across dozens organizations, while your attendance at the event offers connectivity to hundreds of potential partners.
  • Showcase Your Expertise: Highlight your innovative work, share your successes, and position yourself as a thought leader in the nonprofit sector. Presenters receive social media mentions/promotion in the lead-up to the conference in addition to the platform for showcasing their work during the conference.
  • Engage and Collaborate: Gain valuable feedback and insights from a diverse array of nonprofit professionals on Staten Island. This is your chance to engage in meaningful dialogue and collaborative thinking with diverse stakeholders and service providers.
  • Expand Your Network: Connect with over 300 professionals, fostering relationships that can lead to future collaborations and partnerships.
  • Drive Positive Change: Be a catalyst for progress by sharing knowledge that can help other organizations grow, adapt, and thrive.
  • Access the NPSI Network Beyond the Conference: Presenters will be featured in conference follow-up materials, including a “digital binder” for attendees. However, the NPSI team and Conference Committee realizes you can only do so much in a day which, unfortunately, means that some excellent content may not make it’s way into the final conference agenda. High-interest submissions may be invited for inclusion in NPSI’s FY25 programming calendar, which may include serving as a featured presenter to one or more Affinity Groups and/or facilitating a workshop, webinar, or other training for NPSI members.

Special Requests

The NPSI team is open to a range of content proposals, but especially seeks presenters for the following:

Session on AI: Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic for good reason; it’s confusing to some, scary to others, but also promising and sometimes even empowering. NPSI is especially interested in a conference session on supporting AI use in/among nonprofits. Content may include strategies for ethically and effectively using AI in the workplace, policies organizations may consider as related to AI use, security considerations when accessing and using AI tools, or other relevant topics to help nonprofits navigate AI.

High-Level/Late-Career Learners: This year, the NPSI conference will feature at least one session per timeslot designed specifically with our local executives in mind. By mid-career, many professionals have had their fill of “101-level content” and are seeking opportunities for more advanced learning. As high-level staff navigate an ever-changing landscape, the demands of day-to-day operations, Board management, and staff development, it’s critical that supports are made available that can speak directly to the needs and nuances of their role. Proposals for expert-led content to deliver such support are especially welcome.

All proposal submissions are due June 26, 2024.



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