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Nonprofit Staten Island’s 11th Annual Nonprofit Conference


Nonprofit Staten Island provides resources, support, and advocacy for the borough’s nonprofit leaders and organizations to help strengthen our sector and meet the needs of our communities.


Staten Island Community Organization Active in Disaster (SI COAD)


Nonprofit Staten Island, formerly known as SINFPA, celebrates the public unveiling of their rebranding, including an enhanced website and stunning new logo, as it continues to distinguish the sector and borough in stronger and more unique ways. 

Nonprofit Staten Island is committed to building the capacity of Staten Island nonprofit leaders and strengthening our sector through communication, collaboration, and coalition building. Placing an emphasis on supporting Staten Island nonprofits in being forward-thinking, the organization has set to work on not just rebranding but restrategizing the association and the ways it serves its membership and our borough’s communities. 

As we move into an important new era together, Nonprofit Staten Island centers, supports, and reasserts the excellence and importance of local nonprofits. Staten Island nonprofit organizations are a powerful force of providers and professionals delivering critical services to our communities. Each organization serves through community building, community voice, and community response, and our association is proud to share these three pillars and core values as we bring together best practices and lessons learned to drive a better collective future. 

We thank our members, community leaders, and neighbors for joining us in the important work that will propel our community forward. Together, we set the bar for quality of life and a brighter future in our communities. Nonprofit Staten Island celebrates this important moment of recommitment to the work of creating a culture and a space where Staten Islanders can see themselves working – with dignity, with respect and pride – in the borough that they love and live in. 

“As a young Latina Executive Director, I come in with a vision of intersectionality because in order for us to thrive as an Island we need to move forward collectively. Unveiling our new name, logo, and website is about more than just rebranding; it’s about restrategizing to best fulfill our ongoing commitment to ensure that all Staten Island voices are heard and served. Here’s to our nonprofits. Here’s to Staten Island. Here’s to Nonprofit Staten Island! ” – Tatiana Arguello, Executive Director

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Join us for an open discussion Fundraising and Human Resource. This is an open space for professionals to voice and share resources in our Staten Island Nonprofit world.

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In Solidarity

The Staff of the Nonprofit Staten Island is united against racism, hatred, and violence. Our commitment to building the strength of our nonprofit communities and leaders is as strong as our commitment to peace, quality, and justice. We grieve the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, and the countless other Black lives lost at the hands of law enforcement.

In Solidarity

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Explore best practices and insights from nonprofit thought leaders. Engage, learn, and share to amplify your success.

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Nonprofit Staten Island's Human Resource Affinity Group presents Tackling The Challenges of Talent Acquisition September 19, 2023 11 AM- NOON Registration Link: Nonprofit Staten Island's upcoming peer exchange will feature Anthony Pipia, of Paycor. When tackling the challenges of talent acquisition within the nonprofit sector and navigating the competitive landscape often termed the "war on talent," it's vital to focus on recruitment, engagement, and retention strategies. Nonprofits can differentiate themselves by aligning recruitment efforts with candidates' values and aspirations. Cultivating engagement involves offering learning opportunities, open communication, and recognition to create a sense of belonging. However, the real test lies in retaining talent, where flexible roles and pathways for growth become crucial. Successfully maneuvering this competition necessitates a holistic approach that encompasses recruitment, engagement, and retention strategies tailored to the unique ethos of nonprofit organizations. Anthony Pipia from Paycor, a proud partner and sponsor to the Staten Island non-for-profit association, will be talking though these trends and how leveraging software like Paycor’s can give your organization the competitive edge it needs to thrive. *Open to Nonprofit Staten Island Members at no-cost. Non-members $25 via Eventbrite: Human Resource Peer Exchanges occur every month on the 3rd Tuesday of the month from 11 AM-Noon, via Zoom for now. Please contact for more information on how to join to get involved in the affinity group.

Join us for an exciting in-person event where we will delve into the world of employee onboarding. Hosted by the renowned DH Sorkin Consultation Group, this event promises to equip you with the latest strategies and best practices to streamline your onboarding process. Effective onboarding plays a vital role in setting the stage for new employees' success and integration into your organization. We will explore the importance of a well-structured onboarding program and its impact on employee engagement, productivity, and retention. We will discuss the key elements of a successful onboarding process, including pre-boarding activities, orientation sessions, and ongoing support. Additionally, we will highlight the benefits of a comprehensive onboarding program, such as accelerated learning, increased job satisfaction, and improved organizational culture. We will also address common challenges and best practices for overcoming them. Location: Staten Island Advance, 1441 South Avenue, Staten Island, NY, USA Date/ Time: September 21, 2023 at 9am Whether you are a seasoned HR professional or just starting out, this event is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their employee onboarding techniques. Our expert speaker will share their insights, tips, and real-world examples to help you create a welcoming and effective onboarding experience for your new hires. Don't miss this opportunity to network with industry peers, gain valuable knowledge, and take your onboarding process to the next level. Click Below to Reserve Your Spot Today:





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