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Annual Mixer: Cultural Spotlight

Our annual Cultural Spotlight is one of our signature events curated to foster community engagement and learning among our members, local leaders, and cultural enthusiasts. This event not only celebrates Staten Island’s vibrant cultural tapestry but also acts as a catalyst for educational enrichment within the nonprofit community.

Every year, we select a cultural institution to highlight in order to showcase its offerings while providing an opportunity for our member organizations to connect with each other and explore opportunities for collaboration.

The success of past Cultural Spotlights emphasizes the importance of blending community engagement with cultural celebration. The Cultural Spotlight presents meaningful insights and learning for sector leaders, advanced local programming to enhance artistic growth, cultural agility, and overall social networks throughout our community.

Thank you for joining us in this cultural celebration that not only honors Staten Island’s heritage but also propels educational opportunities for our community. Check out the photos from our past cultural spotlights by clicking the links below!

If you’d like to suggest a cultural institution to highlight for our next event, reach out to Clara J. Park, Director of Member Engagement at



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