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Nonprofit Staten Island’s 10th Annual Nonprofit Conference 

2022 & Beyond: Building Nonprofit Capacity & Resilience

This year’s conference brought together nearly 150 nonprofit professionals and leaders for a day of education and networking that provides them with information and resources to develop meaningful partnerships, deepen their effectiveness and impact, and further outreach into their communities.

Recap of our 10th Annual Nonprofit Conference

In honor of David’s passionate voice and advocacy for the nonprofit community we have the pleasure to honor David Sorkin, CEO & President of David H. Sorkin Consulting.

For your extraordinary response in meeting the growing financial needs of our nonprofit community, we honor Robin Lefkowitz, Executive Vice President of Northfield Bank.

In grateful recognition of dedication and commitment towards building nonprofit capacity across our Staten borough, we posthumously honor Besty Dubvosky who served as an Executive Director from 1988 to 2021 at Staten Island Foundation.



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